Important Notice

Recently our contact phone changed to a new one. You can reach us by phone via +1-905-857-5430

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Important Notice

Starting from June 2017 the design of our stands will change.

First of all the variety of stands will be narrowed to just two types:

Standard snap-stand (RP-0252) and bench-top stand (RP-0297)

Secondly, the variety of the length will be narrowed to just one.

It will simplify the process of choosing the right size of the stand. There will be just one size – the longest one. All our stands will have the same length. The customers will be able to trim the length of the stand according their preferences. How to do that? It is simple.

Each kit contents six round dowels. Three long ones (910mm) and three short ones (870mm). The short dowel is shorter than long one for 40mm (1.57”).

This size will fit most of the large aircraft, like 200cc IMAC planes, for example.

If it’s too large – just shorten these dowels. If you cut the long dowels down to 710mm the other three should be 670mm etc.

Third, by some reason 99% of our customers prefer Maple. So be it!

We now use only one kind of wood - it's maple. It's perfect wood, all grown up and processed in Canada. No more oak or poplar.

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We've received multiple requests from our dear customers, asking us to create a detailed video of assembly process of our main product Snap-Stand. We've spent some time and made it for you. Please enjoy. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.

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Good news, we've just created brand new Facebook page, which you can follow by clicking HERE. As well as we've created Tweeter page which you can find and follow us HERE. Thank you and see you in the cyber space! Don't hesitate to follow us and ask any questions!

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Barless Snap Stand We got rid of tubing.

Now you can put even the largest aircraft with the wings attached on the stand and you still are able to roll it to the right and to the left without interfering with the stand structure.

We named this design “Barless”.

The number of this new item is RP-0052.

Click HERE to download manual.

The old one (RP-012 is discontinued), Upgrade Kits for this model are still available. The most current one (RP-052 and RP-090) - is available. The previous versions of Snap-Stand remain the same. New version gives you much more versatile opportunities. All sizes and woods are available.

Please check price-list and photographs. You’ll love it!

And finally, if you already have previous versions of a Snap-Stand, you can upgrade it without buying a whole new stand. Just purchase an upgrade kit, item number RP-052-07. It fits to any version of previously sold stands. And if there is a need you can switch back and forth from one version to another.

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MAAC R/C Scale Aerobatic Nationals 2007

Isabel D.Isabel Deslauriers from Montreal, who started flying just two years ago, won Canadian Nationals in Basic this year!

Isabel and Ivan
Isabel D. and Ray Buykgurel, her friend and teacher, who was third in Sportsman after getting their trophies and whole bunch of prizes, are posing with our Snap-Stand, carrying Isabel's winning aircraft.

Isabel D. 1
Here is Isabel D. posing with our Snap Stand.

Click on the small pictures to see the enlarged high quality images.

We wish you keep on winning folks! You can see the results of Canadian Nationals at Scale Aerobatics