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Q: What size should I choose?

A: We have minimized the amount of sizes to two, compare to over ten earlier on. We've created more clear and straightforward way for you dear friends. Please click HERE to see Snap-Stand Sizing explanation page.

Q: What are the shipping prices to different locations?

A: Prices are based on dimensions and weight of the box with product inside. Claculations are made via "Canada Post"shipping calculator. Below you'll find most common ordering countries. Prices can change without notice depending on rates set by "Canada Post". In case if page "Buy Now" doesn't contains price of the shipping to clients country, it'll be invoiced as a separate payment after purchase of merchandise.

Shipping to USA
48.00CAD - Surface
Shipping to Canada
35.00CAD - Surface
Shipping to Mexico 85.00CAD - Surface
Shipping to Turkey 199.00CAD - Airmail
Shipping to Japan, Korea 160.00CAD - Airmail
Shipping to EU countries 150.00CAD - Airmail
Shipping to Australia & New Zealand 160.00 - Airmail

Q: What is the size and weight of a Snap Stand?

A: The dimensions and weight of the Snap-Stand package are:

Length - 100cm
Width - 13cm
Height - 11cm
Weight - 5kg

Q. What difference does clear finish make?

A. As any finish it protects the wood from moisture, dirt, oil and etc. Also it makes appearance of your
Snap-Stand much nicer. Polyurethane lacquer fits these needs perfectly. As well it doesn't crack. It resists the oil and any fuel like gasoline, methanol, kerosene etc. Finished product is much easier to clean up. Clean wood will serve you better and much longer. We do not supply clear finishes for Snap-Stands, but we do highly recommend protect you products with clear finish lacquer

Q. What currency are Red Plane products priced?

A. All our products are currently priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. We use Pay Pal service for on-line payments. We also accept personal and corporate cheques,
money orders and bank transfers. The easiest way to make payment is via Pay Pal.

1) Go to “Buy now” page, select the product by clicking the button “Add to Cart”.

2) After you chose the product go to the very top of this page and click “Shipping Snap-Stand to US”, if you need to ship it to US. If you live in Turkey, click button “Shipping Snap-Stand to Turkey”.
3) When done, click yellow button “View cart” at the very right top corner of this page. This will bring you directly to Pay Pal web site right away.

If you already have Pay Pal account, you know what to do. If you don’t that’s all right, you can
choose two options – open account or make a payment without opening Pay Pal account. This
service allows to do so. Then just follow the procedure. The payment will be completed within
few minutes. The nicest side of Pay Pal service is that merchant (Red Plane for example) does not
see the credit card number of the customer, so all your private information is safe.

NOTE: If you need to ship chosen product to the country that is not listed, you can email us and we will make our best to ship it to you for the best price available.

Q: How to assemble Snap-Stand?

A: Please watch detailed tutorial below.