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Please read this important notice before you purchase our products!

Please be aware that once you choose a shipping method in one of the shipping choices, if it is not present in any choices below, it'll be calculated via "Canada Post" package rates calculator and it will be billed separately. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). If you make payment by cheque, please make it payable to: 2138613 ONTARIO INC.

"Canada Post" charges range of different fees for various destinations, especially the ones that are not present on continents of Americas.

Please do not be surprised when you'll get an invoice asking to pay a shipping fee.
It's is imperative to pay that shipping invoice, hence the product will be delivered to your home doorstep.

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Solution Graphics

USA FlagShipping Snap-Stand to USA


CanadaShipping Snap-Stand to Canada


Mexico FlagShipping Snap-Stand to Mexico


Turkey FlagShipping Snap-Stand to Turkey


Japan FlagShipping Snap-Stand to Japan, Korea


EU FlagShipping Snap-Stand to EU countries


Australia FlagShipping Snap-Stand to Australia & New Zealand


Bench-Top Snap-StandBench-Top Snap-Stand RP-0297 Maple

Item #RP-0297


Barless Snap StandSnap-Stand "Barless" RP-052 Maple

Item #RP-052-02


Upgrade set of Barless BracketsUpgrade set of "Barless" brackets

Item #RP-052-07