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Here is our main product - Snap-Stand, item RP-0252

It is used by aircraft modellers in many countries around the world for more than ten years already!
It was shipped in USA, South America, around Europe and Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The only continents Snap-Stand is still not present are Africa and Antarctica.

Picture of the Standard Snap-Stand

We always keep working on new design and in 2016 we added new product to our catalogue.

It's our new
"Bench-Top" Snap-Stand, item RP-0297.

It's much lower than standard Snap-Stand, but has the same width
and length at the top same as a standard Snap-Stand.

This new design is more compact and it allows you to use the Snap-Stand in the small room.
For example, it could be placed on the workbench or some desk.
When folded for storage it's less bulky than the standard snap-stand.

Picture of the Bench-Top Stand

For detailed information about the length of the stand please click HERE

The old model of Snap-Stand, the one you see below

RP-012 is discontinued

As you can see it has two bars covered with foam tubing to support the wings.
We got rid of this tubing.

Now you can put even the largest aircraft with the wings attached on the stand and you
still are able to roll it to the right and to the left without interfering with the stand structure.

We named this design “Barless”.
Now it became our Standard Snap-Stand.

Click HERE to download manual.
If you have the stand, equipped with the tubing and foam,
the one you bought ten years ago, you can upgrade it to the
new model, simple by replacing some parts.

Upgrade Kits RP-052-07 for this model are available to purchase HERE

And if there is a need you can switch back and forth from one version to another.

The most current one (RP-0252 and RP-0297) - are available to purchase HERE

New design gives you more versatile opportunities.


If you have any questions please click here